We love food, lots of different food.

Healthy food, good life


Students are provided with a balanced and healthy diet from a reasonably priced menu. Rigid health and  safety measures are in place to ensure food is fresh and hygienically prepared and handled.

Menus are changed regularly, and students can choose from packet meals, ala carte, and cafe sections.

Every day we provide:
1. Package Menu with Indonesian, Asian and Western options
2. Single Menu
    Rice Bowl (Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Teriyaki, Bulgogi, etc)
    Assorted Bakery & Snacks
    Pasta (Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagna, Mac N Cheese)
3. Drink Counter
    Hot and Cold beverages
    Assorted bottled ready to drink options

Please scan the pre-order barcode for the menu & price lists or visit this link : http://bit.ly/3IZAG6D
canteen barcode for ordering food

For Kindergarten – Year 2 Students, our canteen staff delivers meals to the classroom. Students will have lunch together with teachers.

Students can bring their own meals and drinks from their home to school, but parents will not be allowed to pass security to deliver nor will food items be stored by security.

Deliveries of commercial food are not permitted. Please do not arrange deliveries of meals from commercial outlets. 

Cakes, etc., for birthdays or other celebrations, are discouraged. A Principal must authorize any food deliveries before they are delivered to the school.

Free filtered drinking water is provided at various sites around the school.

Method of Payment
All the transactions in the canteen are made using a cashless system with EDC (Credit Card & Debit Card), QRIS (OVO, GOPAY, Dana, Shoppe, Mobile Banking) and Flazz. For environmental reasons, no paper receipt is available.

Hours of Operation
The canteen offers food and drink service from 9.00 am through to 4.00 pm, Monday – Friday.

Contact Person
If you have questions, suggestions or complaints about our school canteen, please contact the school Canteen Coordinators (Ibu Silla and Pak Nawa). The Canteen Coordinators will be responsible for supervising the operation of the canteen and liaising between the school and the canteen provider.

Canteen Office
+6221 7486-4213
Phone & Whatsapp
+62 812-9078-6399

Our address :

Global Jaya School
Emerald Boulevard
Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX
Tangerang 15224 Indonesia
Tel: (62 21) 745 7562
Whatsapp: 0811 1202 3761
Email : ask@globaljaya.com